Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Starting to pack

As we continue to prepare for our new arrival 9 months in the making, me and my girlfriend started to get ready for our long awaited trip to the hospital. We now have our diaper bag ready to go and some of our personal items ready as well. Knowing that the baby could come at any moment is a great motivation for getting our bags ready early so we aren't scrambling at the last minute. As the days, minutes, and seconds tick down until the birth of my first child, being prepared is very important to making sure the entire birth experience goes as smooth as possible.

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Sunday, October 29, 2006


We are getting into the final stages of preparing for the upcoming arrival and emotions and tensions are running high through everyone's vains. Ranging from anxiousness to excitement to joy to anxiety, we are all pushing these emotions aside to get ready for our bundle of joy. From right now it is only 2.5 weeks until we plan on having the baby arrive. Of course everything could change on a moments notice but we are starting to but the final touches on everything. The rooms are getting done, baby showers will be done this upcoming week, and everything seems to be falling into place.

Alot is in store for this week alone. At our doctors appointment on Thursday we might be able to set a date for delievery if all goes well. We also hope to get our bags ready for our journey to the hopital. Having two "homes" for the baby presents it's own challenges but we are ready, we hope, to tackle them head on.

Friday, October 27, 2006


Today I went to and saw the first showing of Saw III with my girlfriend. It was simply AMAZING. If you saw the first two movies you had some idea of what was coming but no matter how big of an imagination you have there were still HUGE suprises. To all those who have free time this weekend or in the time Saw III is in theatres I recomend seeing this movie. To all those who have seen this movie or any of the movies of the series, post a comment describing what you think it is about these movies that makes them sooo appealing.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Expanded Blogging

In the past few days I have increaed my research, promotion, and design of my ever growing blog network. I hope that this work is all worth it in the end but so far it has been very enjoyable. Keep an eye on this blog in the coming week for more upsdates on my newest ventures and a new look to this blog.

Friday, October 13, 2006

How To Do Things

I have just added another writing site to my list. The newest site is How To Do Things. The articles I have to write are very simple, 400 word assignements and pay very well. In an hour the minimum I can make is about $10 an hour but with better assignments that can be around 30-40 dollars. The articles focus on how to do a particular topic and in my first two articles I wrote how to join a fraternity and a sorority. The site makes payment via giftcards which will come in very handy around the holidays and once we have the baby to purchase supplies and such. Coupled with all of my other writing this site is another great opportunity to make money, especially next summer when the real money earning will begin.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Student Savvy

Based on my writing on Associated Content I landed a job as a news editorial writer for a brand new startup called Student Savvy. My article is entitled "The Rundown" and basically I provide a flowing view of all of the news happenings of the week as well as making some predictions. I am really glad I landed this position because I like to write about the news. In fact it is one of my favorite topics to learn about and helping others become informed as well is a great experience. The whole site is dedicated to young adults and addresses all sorts of issues from college life, to technology, to general life topics. The overall theme of the site is informing young adults on finances. I think informing an entire segment of the population is a lofty goal, however by providing good information in an easy to read format this goal is attainable. If you are a young adult please check out the website and become informed. Even if you aren't in this age range the site still has plenty of general information to offer. Student Savvy is one online startup that has a very bright future.

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Hockey season has officially started and guess what I'm doing. Homework. But not to worry I have the game on too. While you're here check out my latest articles on Associated Content, including some which have made the front page. The newest site I am working for Student Savvy went live today too, so check out my news article there as well. Well back to the grind of homework!