Tuesday, November 28, 2006

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Friday, November 24, 2006

Thanksgiving and Black Friday

Well this year I am definitely thankful for having a healthy baby girl, a healthy and loving girlfriend, and a loving family. Thanksgiving was a good holiday for everyone. Good food to celebrate more than just the usual health and prosperity, Good family to enjoy the food and holiday with, and good weather to travel in. This year Thanksgiving was at our family's house for one of the first times ever since it is usually at the G-parents but we have outgrown their house so we are the next best thing I suppose. Everything was good all around and most of the extended family had a chance to see both my baby and my sis' as well.

Today was also my first venture into black Friday shopping and it was a shock, but not quite as bad as I thought it was going to be. The only reason we went to Erie was to get portraits taken of my sisters baby but while I was there I decided to look for a few deals as well. The main deal I was looking for was a semi-auto .22 which I ended up getting after waiting in a long line. The line wouldn't have been nearly as long of a wait had it not been 3 days before deer season with ammo on sale. After I got through the sports store I found a space to pick up the rest of the crew and we headed to Best Buy. I wasn't able to get what I was looking for there but in my eyes 50% is an OK number for such a busy day.

Now the real earning has to kick in to pay for all the X-mas presents we have to buy for everyone but with hard work and financial planning buying presents shouldn't break our bank accounts.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Our time at home...

Our time at home with Kayleigh has been fun. She has been a really good baby so far and most of the family has been able to see and hold her. Among the many people we having visiting us over the Thanksgiving holiday is her 2-month old cousin Anna. It is great that they are able to get acquainted to one another at such a young age and that they are so close in age. Growing up they can remain close not only because of their family ties but because of their similar ages and most likely, interests.

The only complaint, Kayleigh is confused as the when it is day time and when it is sleepy time. She seems to think that night time is the time she should be the most alert and want to be held and eat. Day time? Apparently it is the time when we all sleep. Most of this derives from her sleep habits when she was still in the womb when she would sleep during the day and be more active at night. Now we are starting the process of getting her onto a better schedule. We are starting to do this by keeping her awake more during the day so when night rolls around she will be tired and actually want to sleep.

Reality is settling in and the thought of being referred to as dad is becoming a bit more normal. It has taken a little getting used to but going from just a teen to a teen father hasn't been as harsh as I had expected it to be.

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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Our First Night Home

Our first night at home went better than I had expected it to. We all hear horror stories of parents, especially new ones, getting no sleep maybe an hour at most. Not with our baby girl. Kayleigh only woke up once during the night from midnight to 7:30. I was amazed and relieved. I think we have a good one on our hands. She has been feeding good too and she is very alert for being just over 2 days old.

Yesterday was busy with family and friends stopping to see us and the baby and today looks to be more of the same. The pink clothes are starting to pour in as everyone wants to buy as clothes and seeing as we had ZERO pink, I more than welcome the generosity. I hope tonight brings more of the same so we can get some rest, especially since I have school in the morning. UGH!!!

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Saturday, November 18, 2006

It's a girl!!!

If you have noticed my absence the past few days it was because we were busy welcoming our healthy daughter into the world. At 1:42 am Friday morning we welcomed Kayleigh Grace Peterson-Karkoski into the world. She weighed 7 pounds, 7 ounces and was 22 inches long.

Baby, Mother and Father are all resting at home and look forward to all the joy she has brought into our lives thus far and the continued joy we will receive every day from here on out. Last but not least we thank God for all his blessings making the birth as joyful and pain-free as possible and for giving us the gift of a healthy baby girl.

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The Jersey Shore and My Aspirations

Ever since I took my first trip to the beaches at Presque Isle on Lake Erie I have wanted to be near water. After I matured (somewhat, don't we all keep a little kid attitude in us for our entire life) I started to contemplate housing. Living on a beach front house was never considered a viable option for full time living but I always have dreamt of being able to afford a house on the beach. I continue to hold this aspiration and hope that through lots and lots of time consuming work I will be able to afford a house on the beach, in particular the Jersey Shore.

Why the Jersey Shore? Like I've always been reminded..."Location, Location, Location..." The same is true about this beach. Located between family and close proximity to large metropolitan areas, Jersey Shore seems like the best option from most perspectives. To set a goal for myself I have started my search for the ideal price and goal and in my searches stumbled upon a realtor who sells in the Jersey Shore area.

The realtor prides itself on the sale of high-end residential properties but also in small to mid-size commercial properties. Although they specialize in high-end properties my motto is to aim high. Sure I might fall short but I can always settle lower and know that it was my drive and determination of aiming high that got me there.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Day Is Coming

The day is almost upon us, we think. The contractions have been getting more frequently, we are now at 3 cm dilated and we are just waiting for the contractions to get closer together. Finally I think we are getting to the end of one road and the beginning of a much longer one. We are as ready as we are going to be and we are just so excited that the day is almost finally here.

To make sure we have enough money to cover the baby while my girlfriend is off work I have been putting in some extra time working. I am hoping to bring in 150 dollars or so a week for the next 6 weeks or so to cover all of our bills. Finals are coming up in under a month so I will likely be busy with classes and school work too but I have to dedicate time to blogging and making money as well.

Well I am off with the stopwatch to continue timing the contractions.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

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Monday, November 13, 2006

Changing My Major

After a semester of courses I have changed my mind and decided to go in a different direction with my life and career. I went into college unsure about just what I wanted to do but after spending some time in Physician Assistant classes I knew that PA wasn't the career for me. I have always held a deep interest in business and have always had an entrepreneurial state of mind. But to me, business alone is to broad of a career field and I needed a bit more focus.

Then I stumbled upon the management information systems major. The degree combines what are, in my opinion, the best aspects of computer systems and business. Soon after I found this degree I discovered an accelerated MIS/MBA track that I instantly knew was the path for me. The combination allows me to earn both my undergrad major in MIS and my graduate Master in Business Administration in just 5-years.

The degree lines up with not only the long term goals I have in mind but some short term ones as well. If you have been following my posts at Blogging for Money you already know I have a big project I am planning. This degree will allow me to more easily work on this project but will also allow me to bid on computer work over the summer in addition to writing. This degree fits everything I enjoy in life and everything I am looking to do in a career perfectly and I can't wait to begin my new classes.

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Saturday, November 11, 2006

A Finished Bedroom

After much work and an awesome group effort our new bedroom is finally done. Yesterday was the move in today where we shifted everything from my house to my girlfriends house and into our room. Today we got a chance to open a lot of the gifts we received at our baby shower and get them ready as well. Also today we got the last few things we needed for the room. We also installed the closet which means we can begin to move our clothes into the room.

I have been busy with other things outside of the realm of baby stuff this week as well. I changed my major to MIS/MBA degree which combines computers with business and it is the first degree I was genuinely excited about. This week was also a busy work week although the bank account won't reflect it for quite some time. I have undertaken quite a big project that will come to fruition in January...hopefully.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Another Week Gone By

This week went so quick. Maybe it was because of all the bustle of getting the last few things ready. Maybe it was the three tests and paper I had for school. Or perhaps it was work. No matter what made the week fly by today came and went just as quick.

We had another weekly visit to good ole' Dr. Thompson. Everything is still looking good and nothing really changed from last week. We aren't sure yet whether we will opt for the inducement next friday or if we will just let nature run its course. Either way the end is in sight.

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A Fun Night

Tonight was just a fun night. We got the last few items in place making everything "ready" for the baby's arrival, although noting will ever be absolutely ready. Among the many things we did were finishing putting the crib mattress in as well as setting up the bassinet in our room. The real fun came when we tried to cast Liz's belly with paper mache.

We started by reading the box and getting it all mixed. Then she put on an old tee shirt and we wrapped her up in plastic wrap. Everything continued to go according to plan until everything was applied. Due to our lack of outlook and reading of the instructions we didn't realize it took 2 hours for it to dry. We tried blow drying it and as we passed the one hour mark pregnant reality kicked in. What is that you ask? The sudden need to use the bathroom at a moments notice. Despite doing our best to save the sculpture we had tried to make the paper lay in a heap.

Lesson learned. Next time we try to cast her belly we will make sure the sculpture can be taken off to dry so she doesn't have to wait for hours. This battle must wait to be fought another day.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Me and my girlfriend went shopping today and got the last few things we need for the baby. Shopping was actually a really fun time. Among the many things we still needed were a crib mattress, portable crib, a few clothing items, binkies, a swaddle, and a few other miscellaneous items. The next few days we are going to spend getting everything out of its packages and ready to use.

One of our rooms needs some rearranging before we have the baby so that will also be on the agenda along with getting everything else ready. We all know just how enjoyable it is to put furniture together so this process is bound to be loads of fun.

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Monday, November 06, 2006

The Baby Shower

The baby shower went awesome. All of our family and friends came up and it was an all around good time. Among the many gifts we got were the stroller a bunch of different clothes, socks, hats, cleaning stuff, mittens, and a load of other things. There are only a few things left that we have to get tomorrow. Tonight we are going to get our shopping list ready so we make sure we have everything we will need for the first weeks.

All signs are pointing to the baby coming soon but we will just have to wait and see. Our bedroom should be done this Friday as well which will help calm things down a bit. We still have to get the other crib set up and get moved in but everything is either ordered and on its way or ready to be moved into the room as soon as the carpet is down.

On the school and work side of things, blogging has been going amazing although the money isn't pouring in just yet it is adding up. By the time summer rolls around blogging should be providing a nice source of income. ChaCha has also been working very well recently so I have been making good money there as well. School is going good except I am leaning towards changing my major to marketing and computer science or something along those lines. If you want to read some more about my blogging experience check out my Blogging for Money blog.

Just a reminder - Tomorrow is Election Day so get out and VOTE!!!

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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Baby Shower Tommorrow

Well our baby shower is tomorrow and you know that that means. Guys and Football. No, No, not at the shower at out house while all the ladies are having their fun. The shower is one of our final steps before the baby comes. After we see what we get tomorrow we will go shopping and pick up the final few items we need for the baby.

We decided not to know the sex before we have the baby which has made the entire experience more exciting. The problem? It is sooo hard to shop because nearly everything is blue, pink, has flowers, or race cars. I can't wait too know what we are having so I can finally get some "sexed" outfits so the world will know what the baby is too.

Today was a bit hectic leading up to the shower but it is nothing I haven't been through before between my sisters shower and our graduation parties the scramble of getting ready is all too familiar. The shower kind of serves as a checkpoint showing just how far we have come and what lies ahead. The next week will be a busy one but we welcome it with open arms.

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Friday, November 03, 2006

All Went Well at the Doctor

Everything went as expected when we visited the doctor yesterday. My girlfriend is "already" dialated 2cm so everything seems to be on or ahead of schedule for the 22nd of November. We have decided to not have an inducement because of the timing and from how everything looks, we hope to have the baby early anyways. This Sunday is our baby shower and we hope to get most of what we need. We are going to go shopping this week or next weekend to get the few remaining items then we just sit around and wait for the day to come.

This week and next I have tests in all my classes which will be the last ones until the baby is here. We are also trying to earn a little extra money before the baby comes so that we can enjoy our time a little more without the pressure of being low on money. These last few weeks have gone fast be I think we have done a pretty good job at becoming prepared. The journey continues...

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Newborn Care Classes

Tonight me and my girlfriend attended newborn care classes. They weren't as bad as I anticipated they were going to be. I learned some new things, which can never hurt when it comes to caring for a baby. The only bad thing was that what is normally a 30-45 minute drive took about 1.5 hours because of the signifigant amount of snow and ice that was on the roads. We made it home safe and sound and that is what is most important but I am crossing my fingers that she doesn't go into labor on a night like this. I could only imagine...

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

If all goes well....

If all goes well at our doctors appointment tomorrow we should be able to set a date for inducement. Although we would like the baby to come whenever it decides to there are some thing that could prevent us from doing this. First and most important is Thanksgiving. My entire family, which happens to be rather large is going to be home for their once a year visit over Thanksgiving and we would like everyone to be able to see the newest addition to the family. Another reason we would like to pick a date is because of how close I am to having my finals at school and how hard it would be to miss classes this late in the year. It amazes me how fast the nearly 40 weeks have gone but I think we are all ready to see our little one and get back into some state of normalcy.

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