Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Day Is Coming

The day is almost upon us, we think. The contractions have been getting more frequently, we are now at 3 cm dilated and we are just waiting for the contractions to get closer together. Finally I think we are getting to the end of one road and the beginning of a much longer one. We are as ready as we are going to be and we are just so excited that the day is almost finally here.

To make sure we have enough money to cover the baby while my girlfriend is off work I have been putting in some extra time working. I am hoping to bring in 150 dollars or so a week for the next 6 weeks or so to cover all of our bills. Finals are coming up in under a month so I will likely be busy with classes and school work too but I have to dedicate time to blogging and making money as well.

Well I am off with the stopwatch to continue timing the contractions.

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Chris said...

Congratulations to you both! New baby time is a wonderful time-- hectic, but wonderful nonetheless.

Here's hoping everybody's happy and healthy!

homemom3 said...

Congratulations, it is such a rewarding experience. :) May ya'll have a quick birth.