Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A Fun Night

Tonight was just a fun night. We got the last few items in place making everything "ready" for the baby's arrival, although noting will ever be absolutely ready. Among the many things we did were finishing putting the crib mattress in as well as setting up the bassinet in our room. The real fun came when we tried to cast Liz's belly with paper mache.

We started by reading the box and getting it all mixed. Then she put on an old tee shirt and we wrapped her up in plastic wrap. Everything continued to go according to plan until everything was applied. Due to our lack of outlook and reading of the instructions we didn't realize it took 2 hours for it to dry. We tried blow drying it and as we passed the one hour mark pregnant reality kicked in. What is that you ask? The sudden need to use the bathroom at a moments notice. Despite doing our best to save the sculpture we had tried to make the paper lay in a heap.

Lesson learned. Next time we try to cast her belly we will make sure the sculpture can be taken off to dry so she doesn't have to wait for hours. This battle must wait to be fought another day.

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