Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Jersey Shore and My Aspirations

Ever since I took my first trip to the beaches at Presque Isle on Lake Erie I have wanted to be near water. After I matured (somewhat, don't we all keep a little kid attitude in us for our entire life) I started to contemplate housing. Living on a beach front house was never considered a viable option for full time living but I always have dreamt of being able to afford a house on the beach. I continue to hold this aspiration and hope that through lots and lots of time consuming work I will be able to afford a house on the beach, in particular the Jersey Shore.

Why the Jersey Shore? Like I've always been reminded..."Location, Location, Location..." The same is true about this beach. Located between family and close proximity to large metropolitan areas, Jersey Shore seems like the best option from most perspectives. To set a goal for myself I have started my search for the ideal price and goal and in my searches stumbled upon a realtor who sells in the Jersey Shore area.

The realtor prides itself on the sale of high-end residential properties but also in small to mid-size commercial properties. Although they specialize in high-end properties my motto is to aim high. Sure I might fall short but I can always settle lower and know that it was my drive and determination of aiming high that got me there.

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