Saturday, November 11, 2006

A Finished Bedroom

After much work and an awesome group effort our new bedroom is finally done. Yesterday was the move in today where we shifted everything from my house to my girlfriends house and into our room. Today we got a chance to open a lot of the gifts we received at our baby shower and get them ready as well. Also today we got the last few things we needed for the room. We also installed the closet which means we can begin to move our clothes into the room.

I have been busy with other things outside of the realm of baby stuff this week as well. I changed my major to MIS/MBA degree which combines computers with business and it is the first degree I was genuinely excited about. This week was also a busy work week although the bank account won't reflect it for quite some time. I have undertaken quite a big project that will come to fruition in January...hopefully.

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