Monday, November 13, 2006

Changing My Major

After a semester of courses I have changed my mind and decided to go in a different direction with my life and career. I went into college unsure about just what I wanted to do but after spending some time in Physician Assistant classes I knew that PA wasn't the career for me. I have always held a deep interest in business and have always had an entrepreneurial state of mind. But to me, business alone is to broad of a career field and I needed a bit more focus.

Then I stumbled upon the management information systems major. The degree combines what are, in my opinion, the best aspects of computer systems and business. Soon after I found this degree I discovered an accelerated MIS/MBA track that I instantly knew was the path for me. The combination allows me to earn both my undergrad major in MIS and my graduate Master in Business Administration in just 5-years.

The degree lines up with not only the long term goals I have in mind but some short term ones as well. If you have been following my posts at Blogging for Money you already know I have a big project I am planning. This degree will allow me to more easily work on this project but will also allow me to bid on computer work over the summer in addition to writing. This degree fits everything I enjoy in life and everything I am looking to do in a career perfectly and I can't wait to begin my new classes.

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