Sunday, December 31, 2006

Wrapping up the holidays...

Well I think we have finally finished up our holiday travels and ventures. This weekend we ventured a few hours away to celebrate with another one of her sets of great-grand parents. She is becoming a lot more active of late and seems to truly becoming a baby instead of a sleeping machine. It is just an amazing process to watch.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Q: What is a Filmator?

This is a paid post:

A: A blend between podcasting, Flickr, and YouTube. provides content producers, web masters, and bloggers a way to upload their pictures, videos, flash films, and sounds. Then the content producers, web masters, and bloggers can simply organize the images to play in what ever order the user chooses. The sequence can then be set with trigger points they set in the sound file making it possible to create simple or complex online presentations both quickly and for free. provides the unique service to businesses, who are changed a fee because they are using it for commercial purposes, and artists who are able to use the service for free. to make their Flash presentations and distribute them to a global audience without the need of any software or programming knowledge. Users can then embed these into their own sites. The site is essentially a way to create a power point esque online presentation which is hosted for free and upload it to your web site or blog.

I can see being a really good tool for bloggers. Having the ability to host files for free is already a great feature but having the ability to use it to make a presentation to impress others and further an idea or business plan is unique too. It even features a way to directly convert a power point into an online tool. Give a try.

Here is a sample filmator presentation:

A blog schedule

I am going to begin an experiment soon to see if it improves productivity and earning power. What I plan on doing is writing a weekly schedule of when I will blog and a post goal for the day or the week. In the plan I will also list other work projects such as writing and news articles I hope to complete. The hope with all of this is to set a goal for myself so I can hopefully make better use of my time while earning more money in the process.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Do you have an audio resume?

This is a paid post:

Do you have an audio resume? What is an audio resume? Should I have one? Yes, audio resumes are relatively unknown to job seekers but can be a great tool to impress or a good alternative to toher resumes forms including paper and video. Audio Resume is a unique product and tool that lets job seekers verbally express their credentials and professional aspirations. The job seeker creates their audio resume by calling a given toll free telephone number and answering five general interview questions. Learn More About Audio Resume by visiting this link. Once the Audio Resume is created employers can access the job seekers Audio Resume by going to their unique URL and listening to their responses. The high impact Audio Resume is a low cost alternative to Video Resumes and even allows for optional photo uploads.

My Forgotten Christmas Post

Well with all of us being so busy over holidays we are likely to forget something. So what was mine? A Christmas recap post. I totally overlooked it but here is a quick recap of it. Kayleigh got lots and lots of presents. Among the things she received were many outfits, some toys, and some bath stuff. I would have to say one of the cutest things she got was a pair of pajama pants that match a pair my girlfriend got.

As for what I got was a digital camera, some clothes, DVDs, a 19 inch computer screen, and a 20 inch LCD TV. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and I wish everyone a happy new year.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Keyloggers: Should you have one?

This is a paid post:

Keyloggers are becoming more and more common now a days as deceptive advertisers lure kids away from genuine sites to sites that are inappropriate for them or their parents simply do not wish for them to view. Keyloggers enable users to view everything that is typed into a computer, specifically what their children have been visiting or looking for. They enable parents to keep tabs on their children in a more secure way than simply using the internet history which many children are now able to clear. Used appropriately keyloggers can even be used in the work place. With proper use of a keylogger employers can monitor employees to ensure that they stay within the companies Internet Fair Use policies. Keyloggers can be used to capture evrything that is typed from notes, to papers, to passwords, and internet sites. The uses for a keylogger are nearly endless.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas is almost here

Yep, the holiday we all love for one reason or another is almost here. 2 days to the actual day but my celebrations of the event are starting today. We are having my girlfriends family gift exchange today and then tomorrow I have a "special" event and we are doing gifts with here parents, brother, and sister. Should be a fun and hectic 72 hours.

Thursday, December 21, 2006 is live and kickin'

This is a paid post:

So is live but why is this news? Well RockStartup is something really neat that you should know about. In essence, RockStartup is reality tv show gone documentary about a web 2.0 startup. Now whether or not you agree with the whole "web 2.0" term or not doesn't really affect the importance of this show. Their taping it all and presenting it in HD for your viewing pleasure on any size screen.

So what is Web 2.0. Well, web 2.0 was a term coined in 2004 by O'Reilly Media and refers to a perceived second generation (hence the 2.0 part of the term) of internet based services. These sites include social networking sites, Wikis, and other online service, particularly those that emphasize online collaboration and sharing among users. From what I've seen Web 2.0 is an awful lot like Web 1.0 but with better business plans. Now these plans were mostly due to the .com bubble bursting of a few years ago and the need of Web 2.0s to have some sort of plan to approach venture capitalists with.

Now so far I have caught a few of the episodes but I am interested in keeping up with this for quite a few reasons. First web 2.0 is the newest thing in online entrepreneurialism and as such should be watched very closely. Second I am entering the world of web 2.0 startups soon enough and should take examples like this with high regard. I will remain interested to see what is done well in these videos and which of their mistakes could be improved upon. Now this company is really in the midst of a time period where it could take off and be huge (think YouTube) or sink into the abyss of companies who have lost it all in the harsh internet storm.

All in all really interesting series to keep an eye on especially if you have any stake in web 2.0 or business matters.

This weeks top 20 country songs...

I know not really on topic but here is this weeks top 20 country songs. Country is my fav music so I highlighted my favorite songs from the list.

Rank Video Artist Watch
20 "Stealing Kisses" Faith Hill
19 "Two Pink Lines" Eric Church
18 "Some People" LeAnn Rimes
17 "Mountains" Lonestar
16 "She's Everything" Brad Paisley
15 "Good as Gone" Little Big Town
14 "One Wing in the Fire" Trent Tomlinson
13 "I Don't Want To" Ashley Monroe
12 "Want To" Sugarland
11 "My, Oh My" The Wreckers
10 "Ladies Love Country Boys" Trace Adkins
09 "Some People Change" Montgomery Gentry
08 "My Little Girl" Tim McGraw
07 "God's Gonna Cut You Down" Johnny Cash
06 "Once in a Lifetime" Keith Urban
05 "Watching You" Rodney Atkins
04 "Life is a Highway" Rascal Flatts
03 "Amarillo Sky" Jason Aldean
02 "Tim McGraw" Taylor Swift
01 "Before He Cheats" Carrie Underwood

PPP Vs. Google Adsense

This is a paid post:
By: breilly

Here is a video of Pay Per Post taking on Google Adsense. What a battle it is too. Pay Per Post allows you to get paid for blogging. Of course PPP wins. Now let me clarify I use both Pay Per Post and Adsense but Pay Per Post is by far my favorite service. What other service lets you pick what you want to write about, post about it, and then get paid up to $20 for it. Sounds like a real good deal to me and that is why I will keep using pay per post on all of my eligible blogs. Here is the vid:

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Update and Setting Up a Photo Site

Here is an update on everything that is going on. Kayleigh is now over one month old and is as healthy as can be. She really hasn't had any problems and is a really great baby. I am now in the process of buying an internet domain to share her pictures with family and friends and that should be done soon. I highly recommend setting up some type of online service to post pictures to so you can share them with your family and friends.

What to invest in...

This is a paid post:

Being the young entrepreneur I am, at least that is what I call my self, I often think of the next business move I am going to make and what investments I am going to make in the future. One such investment market I have considered in the past but considered "over my head" was the real estate market. Now this is a tough market to handle but it is do able. If you follow the area of real estate at all knows that SW Florida has experienced significant growth in the real estate market. This growth has rewarded investors but stranded the middle class. The project plans to build affordable housing, duplex, SW Florida, Equity housing.

A group has started an investment opp. for qualifying buyers to build duplex housing in the cities of Lehigh Acres and Cape Coral in Southwest Florida.The opportunity starts at the beginning of yet another housing cycle.

I'm bummed

I know sports aren't supposed to affect a persons life much because hey they're just a game, but I am really and truly bummed that the Penguin's/Isle of Capri didn't get the slots license for Pittsburgh. Now I know they aren't done with all their options but this is a serious blow to the odds of the team staying in P-town. But life goes on and there are MORE important things, right?

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Use CouponChief for Last Minute Coupons

This is a paid post:

Still finishing your holiday shopping and want a good deal too? CouponChief is a web site that lists coupons for all sorts of online retailers. Before I purchase anything online I always check CouponChief to see if there are any coupon codes I can apply to my orders. CouponChief features many different retailers on their site so it is well worth taking a look at the site to see if the retailer you are making a purchase from is listed. Among their many coupons are Target coupons, coupons, coupons, and Apple coupons.

What do you want to hear more about?

Let me know what you want to know more about? School, work, family? It's up to you. Just post a comment with what you are most interested in hearing about.

Online Calender Service

This is a paid post: has released a new and improved free online calendar reminder service. The service is very easy to use and can even send reminders of events to your cell phone or email address. Use the calender to remind you of birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, or any other events worthy of being reminded of. The company who runs the calender specializes in cards and offers other free products as well. In addition to the calender the site offers free e-cards, free wallpapers, and free screen savers.

To sign up simply visit the attached link and input your email address and any other required information. I am forgetful when it comes to birthdays and I think this is a great option to help you remember all the important dates in your life. I am planning on giving this service a try so I never have to forget another important event. Please do the same and give this free online calendar a try.

How's my new gig?

A few days ago I announced my newest job with b5 Media blogging on Jab and Grapple and now that I have been doing it for a few days here's an update. I absolutely love the job, mostly because it gives me the opportunity to blog about something I had already been watching. The pay is good and I for doing a job I love it is just great. Check out the blog to see what it is all about.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Holiday Screensavers

This is a paid post:

Are you looking for a holiday screen saver for you personal computer to put even your computer in the holiday and Christmas spirit? Perhaps you just want a free scree saver that isn't holiday related? Believe it or not you can get both of these for free on the same site, American Greetings free screen savers. Get creative with your desktop and download a free screen saver from American Greetings. Their new, specially designed screen savers and animated wallpapers come in every sive, shape, color, and design. No matter what your taste the free screen savers section at American Greetings is likely to have something just right for you. All of their screen savers are absolutely free with no fees of any kind. Also, none of them have any sort of spyware or unwanted programs like many other free screen savers often have attached. Their easy to download categories come in a variety of categories including Christmas, ocean, and artistic. Here is a sample of one of the screen savers:

If you are considering downloading a screen saver check out the free screen savers section at American Greetings.

How Do I Choose What PPP Posts to Complete?

As a sort of add on post to my last post about how much I make with PayPerPost is how do I select what posts I write. Well here is my process. I start by writing the post opportunity that expires first so that I have to most potential posts available to me. Next I sort the list first by the newest on top, then I have it display 50 results per page, finally I go to the last opportunity on the list. Note that sometimes you will have to go to another page (2, 3, etc...) to find the opportunity that expires the soonest. Next you will just have to read the details of the post to see if you qualify then blog away.

How Much Do I Make Using PayPerPost?

A lot of people I am sure are wondering just how I use PayPerPost on my blog. I am all about using it as much as possible because the main reason I started to blog was to make money. I have now grown to enjoy blogging but making money is my number one priority. Being this is a personal blog I feel readers can easily distinguish between paid posts and "real" content posts. I first found out about PayPerPost from some body, I don't remember exactly who, from the WAHM forums and message boards. Now I still haven't answered how much I make, on to that now.

I take any and all opportunities I qualify for. Some opportunities will specify a given page rank and if I qualify I take the opportunity no matter what is being advertised or how long the post is. Now I will say I don't take 300 word/$4 opps because I can make more with Associated Content. Some users are more specific and only want to write posts specifically on their niche topic. Now although this is completely fine don't expect to make as much as the numbers I give you. I haven't been paid (yet) because the posts have to remain up for 30 days but I am set to be paid $120 approximately for one week worth of posts. Pretty good money if you ask me.

Shipping Packages?

As far as I know I don't need to ship any packages this Christmas but if you are be aware that today the Post Office will be packed. Today is one of the busiest days for shipping packages and Christmas cards so if you need to ship something make sure you allot enough time to do so.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Full Disclosure

This is a sponsored post from PayPerPost. Yes, we are now told to make all of our PayPerPost posts visibly paid. The news follows an FTC ruling suggesting web sites tell readers if a give post or link is a sponsored or affiliate link. The news, set to be released officially on Monday, was broken on TechCrunch a little bit ahead of time. I have two PayPerPost blog advertising posts here each day to maximize my earning. PayPerPost is a marketplace advertisers can use to find willing bloggers to link to their website, product, or service. Prior to this change PayPerPost allowed their bloggers to post that a given post was sponsored but the practice was advised against, not highly publicized, and even stopped bloggers from doing some opportunities.

This fix isn't perfect but it is a step in the right direction. Rather than a truthful and honest opinion advertisers can still require a post be positive but knowing it is a paid post should allow people to take this into account. Disclosure can come in the post itself or on the blogs main page in a prominent way. I would say this was the biggest problem most people had with PayPerPost and this solution should quiet a lot of their critics. I, for one, am not complaining.

Her first bottle

We gave Kayleigh her first bottle of milk today and we were unsure how she would take it. Boy, any apprehension we had she sure didn't. She latched onto that bottle like we didn't expect her to which is good since she is going to have to take a bottle when my girlfriend goes back to work. Allowing me to feed her with the bottle is a great way to bond with her but our bottle experience went very good.

Another Funny Video

In the past I have brought you some hilarious videos including the one about the Jewish social network. Well I have another one. This video from is entitled "50 ways to kill your teddy" and shows some funny clips of teddy bears being "killed". Among the techniques are a vat of frying oil, an aerial firework, and electrocution. I have to say this is one of the better composed viral videos I have watched and is worth taking a look at. If nothing else it should give you a good chuckle and who doesn't need one during the hectic holiday season.

You are Time's Person of the Year

Yes, You. Each and every one of you. Time named user-generated media such as blogs, social media (think MySpace and Facebook) and video-sharing sites (namely YouTube) as their "Person of the Year". Here's a selection from the, well, selection:

“And for seizing the reins of the global media, for founding and framing the new digital democracy, for working for nothing and beating the pros at their own game, TIME’s Person of the Year for 2006 is you.”
The move is smart because what will most user-generated sites do? Link straight to the Time article sending their traffic through the roof.

P.S. - Thanks to Darren at ProBlogger for the link.

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How finals went

Well finals went as I had expected. Bio lab practical and my bio final were by far the hardest. Chem wasn't so bad and sacred scriptures wasn't bad either. My english paper seemed decent and everything seemed to go pretty well. I will say I am glad to be done with my current classes so I can get into my business and computer classes and into my new major.

Saturday, December 16, 2006 is a next generation online dating site. In an effort to distinguish themselves from the competition the site has several unique and fun feature that can only be found at Their Date Now! and Group Dating tolls allow you to meet tons of singles in person with only a few clicks online.

Their site is designed for singles who want to meet as many singles as possible face-to-face. Instead of emailing back and fourth between multiple individuals setting up a group date allows users to indicate when they are available and whether they want a date with or without a wingman. Users can also specify their preferences for location and an activity to do. Double and Group dating are a safer alternative to online dating taken offline and offers an easy way for users to set up group and double dates.

A busy night

I think shopping and giving to others is so fun. I will be the first to tell you how I feel Christmas is over commercialized BUT I still love to buy gifts and to give things to others. I think the spirit of giving, along with the birth of Jesus is what Christmas is about, but I still love the feeling of seeing the expression on someones face after they receive a gift. Tonight me and my girlfriend spent all night wrapping the presents we have so far and I can't wait to give them to everyone.

Light Box

If you are like me you have traced some form of object onto paper in your life. I always struggle to see the object with detail. I am now getting into stock photography and getting the intricate details of objects to show in photos is a challenge for me too. A new product could solve both of these problems. This little light box from is great for photographers, artists, and scrapbookers alike. The product is great for nearly any art project imaginable.

Wordpress Problems

Well my intended shift to Wordpress for Pens Insider is hitting a snafu. For some reason I am getting an error and now I have to spend a large chunk of time to fix the template. I just wish wordpress would be easier or that there would be a book I could read to figure out all of my wordpress problems. I heard all good things about wordpress but now that I am trying to move my blog over it seems to get a lot harder.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Free Christmas eCards

Egreetings has given all of their customers an added gift this holiday season, free eCards. More of it's Christmas cards are now free for a limited time. Some of the funny eCards feature familiar holiday classics. All cards from Egreetings are free to sent. Here are some top free Christmas cards from Egreetings this year:

  1. A Christmas Stories Memory and Double Dog Dare feature scenes from the Christmas classic A Christmas Story. Among the scenes featured in the cards are the leg lamp in the window, the tongue getting stuck to the flag pole, and Ralphie in his bunny suit.
  2. Christmas Rap Not much explaining to do here. A Christmas wrap by tone deaf women in gaudy suits.
  3. Smells Like Christmas. Farting reindeer. One of the funniest eCards this one is sure to tickle all of your friends and families funny bones and make their belies jiggle.
  4. Snakes on a Sleigh. A parody of the recent hit movie Snakes on a Sleigh, snakes on a plane us yet another hillarious eCard from Egreetings.
For more top, free Christmas cards visit egreetings.

My Newest Job

As I announced yesterday on Blogging for Money I have landed a new blogging job. The job is with b5 media for their blog, Jab and Grapple. There, I will be blogging about boxing, wrestling, and mixed martial arts. I will post an update here as soon ad I start actively posting on the new blog.

Why I Work From Home

I don't fit the typical mold of the work at home person. I am a student and a guy so why exactly do I work from home. Well first of all I absolutely love the flexibility it gives me. I can do what I want when I want how I want. Being my own boss is a great feature. I have some work at home options which allow me to work anytime and can indefinitely bring in money as long as I work. This flexibility and money making potential is great for family life as well. Working on my own schedule means I have more time with my family and if I need to spend more time with can. Equally, if we are in need of money all I have to do is log on or write and there is money in the bank. I currently write for Associated Content, blog, and work for ChaCha as a search engine guide.

work at home internet business

Teens and Trucks

GEICO, who specializes in the best car insurance rate with their clever gecko character, has added a new topic entitled "Teens and Trucks" to it's online content library available to young teen drivers. The site is dedicated to informing teens about proper driving and the risks associated with driving while under the influence of drugs and alcohol, among other topics. "Teens and Trucks" was developed with the help of the American Moving and Storage Association. Included in the brochure is invaluable information about how teens can share roads and highways with large commercial trucks. The information is valuable to drivers of any age but specifically teens due to their unfamiliarity with driving with such large vehicles.

Among the brochure's many tips are staying out of a women's blind spot, be careful when passing large trucks, do not swerve in front of a truck of cause a truck to have to stop suddenly (remember, their stopping distance is longer than other vehicles). The free materials are provided for teens and parents alike, as well as driving classes, law enforcement, and state agencies.

This information is produced by who enables you to get the best car insurance rate online, anytime.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Well before I review and their business plan I should state just what is. Freepay is a company that specializes in giving away free stuff, quite the business plan eh? How do they do it? They have partnered with large advertisers who are looking to get new customers. These partners pay Freepay for the new customers and Freepay passes on most of the money to you in the forms of free prizes. All you have to do is try online offers on the Freepay website. The company is not new, they have been in operation for more that 5 years and has become one of the online leaders of pay-per-performance customer acquisition companies. They are even the 18th fastest growing companies in the U.S. I am just envious I am not in charge of a company that allows users to Choose a free gift!

Second, do they actually give products away or are they a scam like other FREE!!!! sites. They are legit and have given away $14 million on products and prizes already. But how can businesses survive giving away stuff all say long. Heck, I'd love to give free stuff to people but I can't. They can because they have linked with large, national companies who pay them referral fees for sending users to their products and websites. This money is then returned, at least partially to you the user in the form of products. The remaining money pays for the staff of the company, hosting and any other miscellaneous business expenses.

All in all I think businesses like this get a bad rap but they have good intentions, turning a profit and giving you free stuff.

Christmas Shopping

Now I am all about ordering presents online but only being able to cancel them within 30 minutes or so seems a bit ridiculous. Now there reason was sound enough, the shipping process had already begun but how legitimate is this excuse. I am highly doubting the products would have been anywhere near being shipped and feel this is just one way they are able to limit their customer service and lock you into an order. I wasn't even trying to cancel my order but rather change my card information but the same concept applied. Well that's the end of that rant, better luck next time for me I suppose.

Still Looking for Xmas Gifts?

To all those who are still looking for Xmas gifts like I was up until, oh, an hour ago I just found a new concept for those who continue to look for the perfect gift for their loved one. But, finding the perfect gift is only one half of the battle. Once you find the perfect gift that you can't get anywhere else you find that, well, you can get it EVERYWHERE else. Now the problem, finding the cheapest price. Granted there are online sites that do the comparing for you but these do not consider coupon or discounted items. This is where the Delightful Deliveries Gift Baskets company comes into the picture.

Finding a gift basket that fits a personality is actually a challenge. Most of the people I buy for are picky and I want to make sure the gift I buy them is just right for their personality and tastes. But it must also be available for a good price. Delightful deliveries is America's number one gift basket and gourmet gift website. Among their many features, or bonuses as I call them when compared to other companies are free shipping. When skimming most websites users forget to consider the cost of shipping and get killed with high prices when it comes time to actually purchase the product. Not at delightful deliveries. They also offer free gift wrapping, next day delivery is available, and satisfaction is always guaranteed.Buy More & Save!! Use coupon code "buymore" get save 5% on your order.

Studying for my LAST final

Well I am uber pumped that my last final of the year is at 8:30 tomorrow morning. Not so pumped that I only got a little studying because, among other things, the ordering of Christmas presents. I actually got on to do a bit of blogging and to post some PPP offers. They are going to come in real handy come January when money might get a little tight when all the semester costs hit.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Teaching in China

Cosmic Volunteers is a nonprofit charity that places international volunteers in humanitarian projects in non-western countries. Our Teaching In China program places volunteers in schools in both urban and rural locations. There is a strong need for native speakers of English, so volunteers are a welcome presence at local schools and needed to teach. Teachers must be native speakers of English and 18+. The age of the students ranges from kindergarten to university-level. The length of the Teaching in China program is from one to 10 months. The summer term last two weeks, while the spring and fall terms last approximately four months. The Teaching in China programs takes place in the city of Yantai on the northeast coast of China, as well as in rural villages in Mashan in south China.


Today we took a trip to the mall with the baby and actually had a rather good time. It was not as much of a hassle as I had thought it was going to be and I actually got quite a bit of my shopping done. I still have some shopping to do and plan on using some affiliate links to make the purchases. I think I like online shopping a lot more than in store shopping because I can browse so many things so quickly and I can make the purchases with no lines. I think the shipping is well worth it. Tomorrow I am actually planning on doing the rest of my shopping online then it is time to wrap em' up and put em' under the tree.

Dell Deals and Coupons

When I bought my Dell a few years ago it was one of the best deals you could find for a laptop and couldn't be more satisfied. I was now looking for a laptop for my girlfriend and they were more expensive than when I purchased mine a few years ago. I stopped my search because of this but I recently came across a Dell Coupons site which makes the computers very similarly priced to how they were a few years ago when I originally bought mine. Among their current deals is a laptop for $549 with free shipping. The deals are updated hourly and they feature some of the most comprehensive ordering instructions on the web. The next time I go to order a Dell I will check out this site to find the best deal I can on my next laptop.

Just one more final

All but one of my finals are done and today's test was by far the hardest. Luckily I did good on my other three tests because I am hoping for a 50-60 percent on this one.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Birthday Cards

Tell your family and friends happy birthday with birthday content available from American Greetings. They offer a wide selection of e-cards, invitations and printables for all your birthday needs. They also have a calender service to remind you about birthdays both on their website or via email or text message to your cell phone. Selcting an e-card online is easy; so is sending the e-card to the recipient of your choice. There are all sorts of e-cards which you can send including specific categories such as Family, Belated, and Over the Hill. Some of the e-cards are even free to send while others are available for a reasonable price. Some of the available invitations are free to and include specific invitations such as "40 year old birthday party" and an array of other options from specific to general options. Printable cards are easy to personalize and print. Online and printable cards are a great alternative to traditional card for both their money saving feature and their highly customizable.

Make your card a memorable one and use a customized happy birthday e-card, invitation, or printable card from American Greetings.

Almost one month...

Hard to believe but almost a month has passed since my daughter was born. I still can't comprehend just how fast this time went but it has been such an enjoyable experience so far that I cannot wait for the next few months so I can see her personality become more open and visible. It is sure going to be fun.

Online Calender has released a new and improved online calender reminder service. The service is very easy to use and can even send reminders of events to your cell phone or email address. Use the calender to remind you of birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, or any other events worthy of being reminded of. The company who runs the calender specializes in cards and offers other free products as well. In addition to the calender the site offers free e-cards, free wallpapers, and free screen savers.

To sign up simply visit the attached link and input your email address and any other required information. I am forgetful when it comes to birthdays and I think this is a great option to help you remember all the important dates in your life. I am planning on giving this service a try so I never have to forget another important event. Please do the same and give this online calender a try.

Up in the air...

The new job I have landed is up in the air right now. The actual position is not and I will still get the job as far as I know, but when is unknown. Some events have transpired at the company and my contact has since been released. I hope to have it resolved by this evening and begin to work for the blog as soon as possible.

Monday, December 11, 2006 is a website devoted to customizing just about anything you could image. Now that the holidays are here it is time to look at gifts and what a better way to show someone you care than a personalized gift. Add that special, personal touch to any present this holiday season. The personalization on their personalized Christmas gifts is always free. Products typically ship withing 1-2 business days ensuring your products arrive right on time. Order by 12/16/2006 and pay no rush fees for pre-Christmas delivery. Among their most popular gifts is their Christmas ornaments, especially with the holiday season quickly approaching.

My big plans

I have been working, behind the scenes, on obtaining a new online job that would by far become my priority and focus. As soon as it is "official" I will announce it here. Keep checking back for the big news!

Test Tube Aliens

Test tube aliens, one of the newest toys to travel from Japan to the American market is now available in a collector's kit. Test tube aliens have even been seen hatching on (see video below). There is even a Wikipedia page about the aliens which was actually an interesting read. The alien hatches from it's "cocoon" when water is added and must be fed each day for the first few days. It grows using the powder and has several sensors to detect water level. The alien is required to be kept in 12 hours of sunlight and darkness each day and requires the water to remain between it's antennae. The alien is even able to interact with a computer using a sensor to interpret a series of light flashes emitted by the computer screen. Through the below link the product, selling for $40 on ebay for just a single alien without the included accessories, is just $40 for two aliens and access to a premium website. Order by December 19th to receive order by Christmas.

Alien Adoption World Collectors Kits

Final Number One, Done.

Today was my first final of the year and was for sacred scriptures. The test was done so fast, only about 15 minutes and seemed relatively easy. I also confirmed my major change today so I should now officially be an MIS major as well.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

If you are like me finding the credit card that fit your personality and needs was somewhat of a challenge. I struggled to find a low APR credit card with cash back for students but finally found one I thought I could live with. After the struggle I decided I didn't want or need a credit card but in my search I came across a search engine to help you find the best Credit Cards. The search engine allows you to search by company for those who prefer a certain brand over another or to search for a credit card based on features such as cash back, low APR, low or no credit, reward programs, or any of a variety of other search options. It allows you to find the credit card that is perfect for both your style and needs.

An update on my paper

Well my paper is essentially done. I still have to finish the bibliography and go through one final edit but I finally got it done. The paper ended up just going onto 10 pages without including references or the cover sheet. It discussed biological and chemical terrorism and the response to it.

A new tool

As you know, I sometimes discuss computers and technology on here because it is my favorite passion. I am writing this post to inform you about a new Sequence Diagram Editor. The sequence diagram program requires less time drawing and editing sequence diagrams and is a fresh alternative to other competing programs that require extra time and effort. This program is designed to draw both simple and complex sequence diagrams and is a great option for those who are looking for an introductory program or those looking to change to use a better tool than their current software.


Well I have seriously procrastinated doing my research paper until the last minute. The paper (9-11 pages) is due tomorrow at 4:30 and I started the day with 2.5 pages written. I am up to 4.5 now but I needed a break from the paper and what else would I do but blog.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Jack Black Video

I have been a big fan of Jack Black for quite a long time. I haven't really listened to much of his music with his partner Kyle Gass in their band Tenacious D, but I have seen some of their music videos and enjoyed them. I am a big fan, however, of his movies, particularly School of Rock. I think music is something great to have in everyone's life, particularly a young child's. I think what the movie taught was a worthwhile venture for any film and letting kids know that no matter their personality or status music is a connecting force. Below is a video with actor Jack Black of both acting and music fame. His newest movie, Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny is in theaters now. Please enjoy the video below.

Birthday Party

Tonight we get to go to my girlfriends cousins birthday party. She is just turning two years old and is quite the character. My girlfriend has quite a few young cousins with 3 between 1 and 3. They will make for nice companions for our baby since they are so close in both age and location.

Funny Video

Here is a hilarious video showing a girl diving into a pool and losing her top, but don't worry there is no nudity. The ending is just absolutely hilarious when a man jumps in the pool to lend his support and help her with her situation. Just watch the video below from, a Jewish Dating website, and have a good laugh, we all need one every once in a while.

Unsuccessful Hunt

Well we went deer hunting again today but came away unsuccessful, again. This was our second trip into the wood this year but no luck today either. We saw a few but had two bullets misfire before I could get a shot at one running away from me but I didn't even graze it. I suppose there is always next year to get one.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Frequent Flyer and Reward Shopping Sites, Are You Overpaying?

"Just-Launched, Marries Price Comparison and Mileage Rewards for the First Time Shop4Miles made its official launch on Cyber Monday. A shopping engine that gives consumers Mileage Rewards back on every purchase they make, Shop4Miles has already started changing the way people shop online. Different from other so-called Mileage Rewards Shopping Sites, Shop4Miles offers something different from traditional airline mileage rewards shopping sites.

Not only will shoppers find exactly what products they are looking for, they are going to get it for the best price. "I think it's a big question mark whether or not you are getting the lowest prices at existing shopping mall mileage sites," says Shop4Miles President Evan Strauss. "Shoppers have grown much savvier than expecting them just to click on a store's banner. We allow the user to search for millions of products & get rewards. Our intention is to give the frequent flyer community a shopping comparison website tailored just for them," says Strauss. Shop4Miles offers multiple airline & loyalty programs to give users more choice and flexibility. launches with the participation of mileage programs for Alaska Airlines, Delta Airlines and US Airways.

Shop4Miles intends to distinguish itself with its pro-consumer innovations and merchant impartiality. Most shopping and price comparison websites do not give any rebates or rewards. Another Shop4Miles innovation allows shoppers to choose how they look at listings, whether it's by price, by category or by number of miles received. "You don't even need to be a member of an airline program to search for deals. Our vision is to change the way people shop online. That's why we're championing a model that is more informative, and gives something back to the consumer each time they make a purchase," says Shop4Miles President, Evan Strauss."

Free Frequent Flyer Miles


Christmas is getting closer and closer and this means that it is shopping season as well. I am kicking my earning into high gear so I can earn as much money as possible to not only afford presents but school items as well. Look for more paid posts to continue as I am strapped for cash.

Funny X-mas Cards

Now that it is Christmas season it is time to think about sending Christmas cards to all of your acquaintances, family, and friends. Often, family and friends don't appreciate the paper, tangible cards we send them so why bit change things up a bit. Consider sending them animated Christmas cards instead. They leave an impression other card options are unable to provide. They are especially nice for your non-traditional friends who simply don't appreciate a paper card and would rather receive an ecard.

Often younger generations more readily remember one off animated cards that make them laugh and remember who sent them the card. offers free fun, off-color, risque ecards that will appeal to almost all adults. For those who enjoy dating humor consider sending them the "A Christmas Pick-Me-Up" card. The card depicts the pickup lines santa's elves uses to try to pick up women. Another great card offers is "Snakes on a Sleigh". This card is a great option for those people you know who enjoy parodies of pop culture and entertainment. This card, as indicated by it's title, parodies the movie snakes on a plane. Both of these cards, like all cards, are completely free with their 30-day trial offer.

What more could I ask for, the steelers win

Well we braved the cold and snow and went to Heinz Field on Thursday night to watch the Steelers take on the Browns. The game was great from a Steelers perspective with them dominating for a 27-7 win. I'd say the game was very fun overall but surprisingly not sold out. The crowd was still hostile because it was our #1 rivals but not as hostile as a packed stadium would have been. It didn't matter because we still crushed them.

Thursday, December 07, 2006


PokerDIY is a free service that connects poker players to one another. It even allows you to search for live games to join. You can create an event for a game and invite both internal and external players to join the action. All they have to do is RSVP for the event and the host is emailed that someone has registers for the game. It even allows you to set up groups of friends and track your scores over time for a tournament-like set up. Recent changes to gambling laws means more players are looking for legal alternatives to some online poker sites. It is a poker community like MySpace with popular Forums.


PokerDIY - Connecting Poker Player for Live Games

Kayleigh's first snowstorm, so far...

Well the snow storm isn't too bad, yet. We got what was called for last night, about 4 inches, and we are supposed to get around 18 more inches by noon tomorrow. We are just waiting it out right now seeing how bad it is gonna get and keeping her bundled up nice and tight in case we lost our power and heat. So far so good though.

Pay Per Post

I finally got signed up for Pay Per Post after much waiting for three months to past. I absolutely love it so far. I am able to make two paid posts per day and I am taking them on any topic. I know most of them will not pertain to the blog but the main reason I decided to begin blogging was to make money. I think that a lot of people want to get paid to blog but just don't know how or are confused as to the process. A great way to start is by starting a blog and signing up for Pay Per Post after three months. It is a guaranteed way to make money with your blog and can combine with other programs to provide a nice semi-constant stream of income. If you want to get paid to blog give Pay Per Post a try.

Heading to the game!

We got the tix so me and mi' padre are going to be leaving in a few hours to head to Pittsburgh. Weather is supposed to be 20 degrees and windy at game time but it should be well worth it. I am getting all of my blogging in before I leave so scan my entire network of blogs to see all of my new posts.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Computer Wallpapers

I am always tinkering with my computers wall paper trying to find one I like that is able to both blend good looks with effective design. I cannot stand wallpapers that are so busy I can't find my icons or are so dull I have a hard time finding any design at all. I found a site with Poker Wallpaper that seems to have more of what I am looking for. If you are looking for some more wallpaper options or Poker Wallpaperhas some free wallpapers for you to try out

Steelers v. Browns...Thursday Night

After we thought we weren't going to see the Steelers v. Browns game on Thursday night due to TV politics and poor decisions, it seems as though we will instead be going to the game. Yep. We got tickets through one of my sources and as it stands right now I will be in the stands for the game. It's gonna be a cold and snowy one but hopefully it will be worth it and the Steelers can pull out a win.

From their site: "The Marketplace showcases alternative transportation and recreational vehicles from a variety of merchants across the Internet. You'll find America's largest selection of electric scooters, gas scooters, electric bikes, ATV's, motor scooters, mopeds, dirt bikes, go-karts, pocket bikes, powerboards, Segways, push scooters and even alternative fuel cars all under one roof."

Now for my review. I found the site very welcoming and easy to navigate. It drew my attention to the specials and products especially which is what a business site should do. In my searches this seems like one of the best layout for sites for these types of products. One thing I did like as a prospective consumer was their buying guide. I like these because they allow you, the consumer, to make the best choice based on what you are looking for. It shows the honesty of the company and that they are trying to allow you to make the best decision as possible, not to simply profit off of whatever decision you make. If you are looking for any of these types of products I would recommend giving a try.

Major Snow Storm

A major snow storm is brewing and is set to arrive in my small town tommorrow through friday morning. It is set to dump at least a foot of snow on the entire area so be fore warned, if my blogs aren't posted to in a day or two I am either a) to busy b) dead or c) without power. Enjoy your visit here and thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A quick update

Just wanted to say that all is well at home and with the baby. She is sure growing and is starting to show a bit of a personality. No big news to post at least right now.

Selling our house

We have been trying to sell our house for over a year but had no luck. Then the house next to us burns down and melts half of our houses siding. Guess our house is off the market for a while. Our real estate market has never been real high but has slowed down much like the Scottsdale Real Estate market. Now it is time for us to make a decision not only for where we want to be but whether or not we can even afford to move.

Friday, December 01, 2006

To me, it's not Christmas until....

Our house can be seen from outer space. I know, not possible, but Christmas really feels like it's getting close when out house is lit and the tree is up and I can't stop wistling those damn catchy christmas songs. Many people consider Christmas as starting on Black Friday. Not me. Why you ask? I'm not a big fan of the commercialism that surrounds Christmas. I celebrate it for what it was meant to represent, the birth of Jesus. Sure I buy presents and all that jazz but I don't let myself get caught up in all the other holiday madness. Since Christmas season is now upon us, enjoy your family and friends and celebrate the holiday for the reason it was created.

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