Friday, December 08, 2006

Funny X-mas Cards

Now that it is Christmas season it is time to think about sending Christmas cards to all of your acquaintances, family, and friends. Often, family and friends don't appreciate the paper, tangible cards we send them so why bit change things up a bit. Consider sending them animated Christmas cards instead. They leave an impression other card options are unable to provide. They are especially nice for your non-traditional friends who simply don't appreciate a paper card and would rather receive an ecard.

Often younger generations more readily remember one off animated cards that make them laugh and remember who sent them the card. offers free fun, off-color, risque ecards that will appeal to almost all adults. For those who enjoy dating humor consider sending them the "A Christmas Pick-Me-Up" card. The card depicts the pickup lines santa's elves uses to try to pick up women. Another great card offers is "Snakes on a Sleigh". This card is a great option for those people you know who enjoy parodies of pop culture and entertainment. This card, as indicated by it's title, parodies the movie snakes on a plane. Both of these cards, like all cards, are completely free with their 30-day trial offer.

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