Thursday, December 14, 2006

Well before I review and their business plan I should state just what is. Freepay is a company that specializes in giving away free stuff, quite the business plan eh? How do they do it? They have partnered with large advertisers who are looking to get new customers. These partners pay Freepay for the new customers and Freepay passes on most of the money to you in the forms of free prizes. All you have to do is try online offers on the Freepay website. The company is not new, they have been in operation for more that 5 years and has become one of the online leaders of pay-per-performance customer acquisition companies. They are even the 18th fastest growing companies in the U.S. I am just envious I am not in charge of a company that allows users to Choose a free gift!

Second, do they actually give products away or are they a scam like other FREE!!!! sites. They are legit and have given away $14 million on products and prizes already. But how can businesses survive giving away stuff all say long. Heck, I'd love to give free stuff to people but I can't. They can because they have linked with large, national companies who pay them referral fees for sending users to their products and websites. This money is then returned, at least partially to you the user in the form of products. The remaining money pays for the staff of the company, hosting and any other miscellaneous business expenses.

All in all I think businesses like this get a bad rap but they have good intentions, turning a profit and giving you free stuff.

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