Monday, December 18, 2006

How Much Do I Make Using PayPerPost?

A lot of people I am sure are wondering just how I use PayPerPost on my blog. I am all about using it as much as possible because the main reason I started to blog was to make money. I have now grown to enjoy blogging but making money is my number one priority. Being this is a personal blog I feel readers can easily distinguish between paid posts and "real" content posts. I first found out about PayPerPost from some body, I don't remember exactly who, from the WAHM forums and message boards. Now I still haven't answered how much I make, on to that now.

I take any and all opportunities I qualify for. Some opportunities will specify a given page rank and if I qualify I take the opportunity no matter what is being advertised or how long the post is. Now I will say I don't take 300 word/$4 opps because I can make more with Associated Content. Some users are more specific and only want to write posts specifically on their niche topic. Now although this is completely fine don't expect to make as much as the numbers I give you. I haven't been paid (yet) because the posts have to remain up for 30 days but I am set to be paid $120 approximately for one week worth of posts. Pretty good money if you ask me.

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