Friday, December 29, 2006

Q: What is a Filmator?

This is a paid post:

A: A blend between podcasting, Flickr, and YouTube. provides content producers, web masters, and bloggers a way to upload their pictures, videos, flash films, and sounds. Then the content producers, web masters, and bloggers can simply organize the images to play in what ever order the user chooses. The sequence can then be set with trigger points they set in the sound file making it possible to create simple or complex online presentations both quickly and for free. provides the unique service to businesses, who are changed a fee because they are using it for commercial purposes, and artists who are able to use the service for free. to make their Flash presentations and distribute them to a global audience without the need of any software or programming knowledge. Users can then embed these into their own sites. The site is essentially a way to create a power point esque online presentation which is hosted for free and upload it to your web site or blog.

I can see being a really good tool for bloggers. Having the ability to host files for free is already a great feature but having the ability to use it to make a presentation to impress others and further an idea or business plan is unique too. It even features a way to directly convert a power point into an online tool. Give a try.

Here is a sample filmator presentation:

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