Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Birthday Cards

Tell your family and friends happy birthday with birthday content available from American Greetings. They offer a wide selection of e-cards, invitations and printables for all your birthday needs. They also have a calender service to remind you about birthdays both on their website or via email or text message to your cell phone. Selcting an e-card online is easy; so is sending the e-card to the recipient of your choice. There are all sorts of e-cards which you can send including specific categories such as Family, Belated, and Over the Hill. Some of the e-cards are even free to send while others are available for a reasonable price. Some of the available invitations are free to and include specific invitations such as "40 year old birthday party" and an array of other options from specific to general options. Printable cards are easy to personalize and print. Online and printable cards are a great alternative to traditional card for both their money saving feature and their highly customizable.

Make your card a memorable one and use a customized happy birthday e-card, invitation, or printable card from American Greetings.

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