Thursday, December 07, 2006

Pay Per Post

I finally got signed up for Pay Per Post after much waiting for three months to past. I absolutely love it so far. I am able to make two paid posts per day and I am taking them on any topic. I know most of them will not pertain to the blog but the main reason I decided to begin blogging was to make money. I think that a lot of people want to get paid to blog but just don't know how or are confused as to the process. A great way to start is by starting a blog and signing up for Pay Per Post after three months. It is a guaranteed way to make money with your blog and can combine with other programs to provide a nice semi-constant stream of income. If you want to get paid to blog give Pay Per Post a try.

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James Rutherford said...


I’m currently writing an article about the amount of sponsored blogging and paid for blogging that is currently being posted. I was interested in your post and wondered if you could tell me in more detail your reasons for doing it.

How does ‘pay per post’ affects the independence of your opinion, and do you think it will affect the way people view your blog?


James Rutherford