Friday, December 15, 2006

Free Christmas eCards

Egreetings has given all of their customers an added gift this holiday season, free eCards. More of it's Christmas cards are now free for a limited time. Some of the funny eCards feature familiar holiday classics. All cards from Egreetings are free to sent. Here are some top free Christmas cards from Egreetings this year:

  1. A Christmas Stories Memory and Double Dog Dare feature scenes from the Christmas classic A Christmas Story. Among the scenes featured in the cards are the leg lamp in the window, the tongue getting stuck to the flag pole, and Ralphie in his bunny suit.
  2. Christmas Rap Not much explaining to do here. A Christmas wrap by tone deaf women in gaudy suits.
  3. Smells Like Christmas. Farting reindeer. One of the funniest eCards this one is sure to tickle all of your friends and families funny bones and make their belies jiggle.
  4. Snakes on a Sleigh. A parody of the recent hit movie Snakes on a Sleigh, snakes on a plane us yet another hillarious eCard from Egreetings.
For more top, free Christmas cards visit egreetings.

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JCH said...

I like the snakes on a sleigh one. Check out this cool holiday e-card with a tennis twist. Share the interactive card at