Friday, December 08, 2006

Frequent Flyer and Reward Shopping Sites, Are You Overpaying?

"Just-Launched, Marries Price Comparison and Mileage Rewards for the First Time Shop4Miles made its official launch on Cyber Monday. A shopping engine that gives consumers Mileage Rewards back on every purchase they make, Shop4Miles has already started changing the way people shop online. Different from other so-called Mileage Rewards Shopping Sites, Shop4Miles offers something different from traditional airline mileage rewards shopping sites.

Not only will shoppers find exactly what products they are looking for, they are going to get it for the best price. "I think it's a big question mark whether or not you are getting the lowest prices at existing shopping mall mileage sites," says Shop4Miles President Evan Strauss. "Shoppers have grown much savvier than expecting them just to click on a store's banner. We allow the user to search for millions of products & get rewards. Our intention is to give the frequent flyer community a shopping comparison website tailored just for them," says Strauss. Shop4Miles offers multiple airline & loyalty programs to give users more choice and flexibility. launches with the participation of mileage programs for Alaska Airlines, Delta Airlines and US Airways.

Shop4Miles intends to distinguish itself with its pro-consumer innovations and merchant impartiality. Most shopping and price comparison websites do not give any rebates or rewards. Another Shop4Miles innovation allows shoppers to choose how they look at listings, whether it's by price, by category or by number of miles received. "You don't even need to be a member of an airline program to search for deals. Our vision is to change the way people shop online. That's why we're championing a model that is more informative, and gives something back to the consumer each time they make a purchase," says Shop4Miles President, Evan Strauss."

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