Monday, December 11, 2006

Test Tube Aliens

Test tube aliens, one of the newest toys to travel from Japan to the American market is now available in a collector's kit. Test tube aliens have even been seen hatching on (see video below). There is even a Wikipedia page about the aliens which was actually an interesting read. The alien hatches from it's "cocoon" when water is added and must be fed each day for the first few days. It grows using the powder and has several sensors to detect water level. The alien is required to be kept in 12 hours of sunlight and darkness each day and requires the water to remain between it's antennae. The alien is even able to interact with a computer using a sensor to interpret a series of light flashes emitted by the computer screen. Through the below link the product, selling for $40 on ebay for just a single alien without the included accessories, is just $40 for two aliens and access to a premium website. Order by December 19th to receive order by Christmas.

Alien Adoption World Collectors Kits

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