Wednesday, December 20, 2006

What to invest in...

This is a paid post:

Being the young entrepreneur I am, at least that is what I call my self, I often think of the next business move I am going to make and what investments I am going to make in the future. One such investment market I have considered in the past but considered "over my head" was the real estate market. Now this is a tough market to handle but it is do able. If you follow the area of real estate at all knows that SW Florida has experienced significant growth in the real estate market. This growth has rewarded investors but stranded the middle class. The project plans to build affordable housing, duplex, SW Florida, Equity housing.

A group has started an investment opp. for qualifying buyers to build duplex housing in the cities of Lehigh Acres and Cape Coral in Southwest Florida.The opportunity starts at the beginning of yet another housing cycle.

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