Thursday, December 21, 2006 is live and kickin'

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So is live but why is this news? Well RockStartup is something really neat that you should know about. In essence, RockStartup is reality tv show gone documentary about a web 2.0 startup. Now whether or not you agree with the whole "web 2.0" term or not doesn't really affect the importance of this show. Their taping it all and presenting it in HD for your viewing pleasure on any size screen.

So what is Web 2.0. Well, web 2.0 was a term coined in 2004 by O'Reilly Media and refers to a perceived second generation (hence the 2.0 part of the term) of internet based services. These sites include social networking sites, Wikis, and other online service, particularly those that emphasize online collaboration and sharing among users. From what I've seen Web 2.0 is an awful lot like Web 1.0 but with better business plans. Now these plans were mostly due to the .com bubble bursting of a few years ago and the need of Web 2.0s to have some sort of plan to approach venture capitalists with.

Now so far I have caught a few of the episodes but I am interested in keeping up with this for quite a few reasons. First web 2.0 is the newest thing in online entrepreneurialism and as such should be watched very closely. Second I am entering the world of web 2.0 startups soon enough and should take examples like this with high regard. I will remain interested to see what is done well in these videos and which of their mistakes could be improved upon. Now this company is really in the midst of a time period where it could take off and be huge (think YouTube) or sink into the abyss of companies who have lost it all in the harsh internet storm.

All in all really interesting series to keep an eye on especially if you have any stake in web 2.0 or business matters.

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