Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Keyloggers: Should you have one?

This is a paid post:

Keyloggers are becoming more and more common now a days as deceptive advertisers lure kids away from genuine sites to sites that are inappropriate for them or their parents simply do not wish for them to view. Keyloggers enable users to view everything that is typed into a computer, specifically what their children have been visiting or looking for. They enable parents to keep tabs on their children in a more secure way than simply using the internet history which many children are now able to clear. Used appropriately keyloggers can even be used in the work place. With proper use of a keylogger employers can monitor employees to ensure that they stay within the companies Internet Fair Use policies. Keyloggers can be used to capture evrything that is typed from notes, to papers, to passwords, and internet sites. The uses for a keylogger are nearly endless.

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