Friday, November 24, 2006

Thanksgiving and Black Friday

Well this year I am definitely thankful for having a healthy baby girl, a healthy and loving girlfriend, and a loving family. Thanksgiving was a good holiday for everyone. Good food to celebrate more than just the usual health and prosperity, Good family to enjoy the food and holiday with, and good weather to travel in. This year Thanksgiving was at our family's house for one of the first times ever since it is usually at the G-parents but we have outgrown their house so we are the next best thing I suppose. Everything was good all around and most of the extended family had a chance to see both my baby and my sis' as well.

Today was also my first venture into black Friday shopping and it was a shock, but not quite as bad as I thought it was going to be. The only reason we went to Erie was to get portraits taken of my sisters baby but while I was there I decided to look for a few deals as well. The main deal I was looking for was a semi-auto .22 which I ended up getting after waiting in a long line. The line wouldn't have been nearly as long of a wait had it not been 3 days before deer season with ammo on sale. After I got through the sports store I found a space to pick up the rest of the crew and we headed to Best Buy. I wasn't able to get what I was looking for there but in my eyes 50% is an OK number for such a busy day.

Now the real earning has to kick in to pay for all the X-mas presents we have to buy for everyone but with hard work and financial planning buying presents shouldn't break our bank accounts.

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