Thursday, November 02, 2006

Newborn Care Classes

Tonight me and my girlfriend attended newborn care classes. They weren't as bad as I anticipated they were going to be. I learned some new things, which can never hurt when it comes to caring for a baby. The only bad thing was that what is normally a 30-45 minute drive took about 1.5 hours because of the signifigant amount of snow and ice that was on the roads. We made it home safe and sound and that is what is most important but I am crossing my fingers that she doesn't go into labor on a night like this. I could only imagine...

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1 comment:

The Anonymous Mama said...

I didn't take the newborn care classes, and I wish I would have. Fortunately, my mom was around a lot! I skipped the birth classes too, but that was okay by me. Believe me, once I got ready to deliver, the last thing I wanted to think about was how to breathe or visualize! I just went with the flow. Good luck to you!