Friday, November 03, 2006

All Went Well at the Doctor

Everything went as expected when we visited the doctor yesterday. My girlfriend is "already" dialated 2cm so everything seems to be on or ahead of schedule for the 22nd of November. We have decided to not have an inducement because of the timing and from how everything looks, we hope to have the baby early anyways. This Sunday is our baby shower and we hope to get most of what we need. We are going to go shopping this week or next weekend to get the few remaining items then we just sit around and wait for the day to come.

This week and next I have tests in all my classes which will be the last ones until the baby is here. We are also trying to earn a little extra money before the baby comes so that we can enjoy our time a little more without the pressure of being low on money. These last few weeks have gone fast be I think we have done a pretty good job at becoming prepared. The journey continues...

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