Saturday, November 04, 2006

Baby Shower Tommorrow

Well our baby shower is tomorrow and you know that that means. Guys and Football. No, No, not at the shower at out house while all the ladies are having their fun. The shower is one of our final steps before the baby comes. After we see what we get tomorrow we will go shopping and pick up the final few items we need for the baby.

We decided not to know the sex before we have the baby which has made the entire experience more exciting. The problem? It is sooo hard to shop because nearly everything is blue, pink, has flowers, or race cars. I can't wait too know what we are having so I can finally get some "sexed" outfits so the world will know what the baby is too.

Today was a bit hectic leading up to the shower but it is nothing I haven't been through before between my sisters shower and our graduation parties the scramble of getting ready is all too familiar. The shower kind of serves as a checkpoint showing just how far we have come and what lies ahead. The next week will be a busy one but we welcome it with open arms.

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