Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Student Savvy

Based on my writing on Associated Content I landed a job as a news editorial writer for a brand new startup called Student Savvy. My article is entitled "The Rundown" and basically I provide a flowing view of all of the news happenings of the week as well as making some predictions. I am really glad I landed this position because I like to write about the news. In fact it is one of my favorite topics to learn about and helping others become informed as well is a great experience. The whole site is dedicated to young adults and addresses all sorts of issues from college life, to technology, to general life topics. The overall theme of the site is informing young adults on finances. I think informing an entire segment of the population is a lofty goal, however by providing good information in an easy to read format this goal is attainable. If you are a young adult please check out the website and become informed. Even if you aren't in this age range the site still has plenty of general information to offer. Student Savvy is one online startup that has a very bright future.

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Jersey Girl said...

congrats on the gig