Thursday, January 11, 2007


This is a paid post:

Okay I have to admit I had absolutely no idea what emoze was when I took this opportunity. Well after taking the opportunity and doing a little research it is quite the interesting thing. Well emoze is challenging Blackberry to join them in an "only one will survive ultimate showdown". The challenge is to see which service, blackberry or emoze, can get your e-mails, calender, and contacts quicker, easier, securely, and cheaper. You can Download Emoze Free Today and give it a try.

Emoze has designed a system to support to support hundreds of Smartphones, Pocket PC's, Symbian devices and POP3 Accounts while blackberry only supports high end, costly devices. Emoze lets you access your emails and outlook data anywhere, anytime. It also lets you handle schedules, synchronize your personal information, and access your contacts all from your favorite mobile device. Best of all emoze is free and secure.

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