Friday, January 12, 2007

Planning a Bathroom Remodel...

This is a paid post:

Just this evening me and my girlfriend were talking about what features we would want in a bathroom when we have our own house. Firstly we wanted a nice, fully enclosed shower that could be used as a steam room. You know the full stone enclosure, multiple shower head deals you see on TV. Yep. Thats what we want. Not because they are so nice looking but because we want something nice to start and end our day with and this is most often our shower.

But what about those occasions where you just need to soak it all in and relax in the tub. Well we have a few options here. Personally I am a fan of whirlpool tubs. To me they just seem the most relaxing and elegant fixture for a bathtub but another option is clawfoot tubs, you know the tubs with the feet on the bottom. I had absolutely no idea that they even came in a whirlpool variation but they seem like a rather elegant alternative to the traditional whirlpool tub.

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