Friday, January 12, 2007

Travel Cheap

This is a paid post:

Well today I decided to change the name of this blog to "A Young Dad Rants" because that more accurately describes just what this blog is about, me ranting. Sure I will still talk about my life but the title is ever more fitting. First on the As a new topic on this blog I am going to talk a lot more about travel because, well, it interests me and I have several big trip up coming to why not make it a regular topic. First topic at hand is the opportunity I took today.

Affording to travel is one problem many, many people face and unless you are absolutely loaded it takes careful planning to pull off any large or small trip. This planning includes not only allotting enough money for the trip but making sure you have enough set aside in case of emergency, finding the best deals, and making sure you have time in your daily lives to take the trip.

For example, taking a trip to Hawaii is seen by most as very expensive, but with planning and research it doesn't have to be. For example when a group of 4 to 10 travels to Hawaii they could get a kauai luxury vacation rentals home for the same price or less than staying at a 3 star hotel. How? By cooking your own meals in the kitchen of your rented house you could spend less for your own vacation home than a hotel and food would cost. With careful research you can find deals like this and travel inexpensively with better digs than an uninformed traveler could.

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